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          1. BOPP預涂膜(光膜和啞膜)BOPP Thermal Lamination Film (Gloss & Matt)

            環保安全 Environmentally friendly


               It is environmentally friendly,non-hazardous to health and safe to use as no toxic gases or volatile content is emitted.Safety in laminating process as no solvent based adhesive is used.

            操作說明 Easy handling


            It is easy to operate once the required temperature is met and no special technique required.

            高效能源 Efficient and energy-saving


               Production cost is reduced substantially as there is no film wastage, mixture of adhesive solvent, and no UV heating lamp   is required.

            性能優異 High function

               大幅度提升印刷品色彩飽和度和光亮度,粘結力強,吃粉能力強,有效防止了印刷品在模切,凹凸后起泡和脫膜.啞光預涂膜還能適應覆膜后   的局部UV上光,燙印,網印等工藝.

               Compared with other solvent lamination, our film is better in clarity and bonding. Strong ability of absorbing powder.It prevents lamination from being pressed, bubbled and shredded off easily. Matt thermal lamination film is good for spot UV and hot stamping.





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